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Ring & Blink

Ring and Blink (R&B) is part of the lifestyle mall (Golden Kawanua Citywalk) that was previously introduced. Hailed as the center of the most modern and complete mall in the city of Manado, R&B will be a barometer and a trendsetter for the development of fashion, gadgets, accessories, and lifestyle in the city of Manado; especially for young people who are dynamic. With the concept of the design and arrangement geared towards a festive, colorful, dynamic, comprehensive and up to date theme, R&B will offer a sensational atmosphere to shop for a classy lifestyle. This, again reiterates the value of a high investment potential for our investors.

There will be hundreds of retail space spread over 3 themed areas; an island type, a counter type, and shop type to accommodate all the latest lifestyle needs. From women’s accessories, cell phones, computers, and fashion for men and women, R&B will be the right choice for shoppers and investors. Therefore, whoever you are, R&B will keep you ringing and blinking in the midst of your dynamic life in terms of lifestyle and investment.

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