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Novotel Manado Condotel

Surrounded by natural beauty with cutting-edge facilities, the Condominium-Hotel (Condotel) at Novotel Manado Golf Resort and Convention Center in Grand Kawanua International City provides a lucrative opportunity for those seeking out the right lifestyle investment vehicle. Operated by Novotel under the management of Accor Group, the condotel offers a low-risk investment with a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Ownership of our condotel is a smart investment in property, and is self-generating in nature. In addition, our developer, AKR Group will guarantee 6% return per annum in USD for the first 5 consecutive years. You and your guests will also be able to stay for free for up to 21 days per year. Let you or your guests enjoy and experience at work while you relax by the pool or tee off at our golf course. The opportunity to become an international brand hotel owner is in your hands. The luxurious facilities and the lavish interior are also dreams coming true. The privilege to invite your business partners and guests to your own hotel will certainly set a new level of hospitality for your personal or company image. 


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