Cluster Casa De Viola

A Serenity Place In Comfortable Living

Casa Grande Golf View is the most luxurious unit with a view of a golf course, offering AKR Grand Kawanua International City that offers perfection, comfort and safety. Equipped with facilities: basketball court, barbaque area, children playground & a diverse flower garden. So it is right to be the choice of place to live for you and your family.


  • Rumah type 60/120 (8x15)
  • Kavling 120 (8x15)
  • Rumah type 110/180 (12x15)
  • Rumah type 50/105 (7x15)
  • Rumah type 110/165 (11x15)
  • Kavling sudut 165 (11x15)
  • Rumah type 110/150 (10x15)
  • Kavling sudut 150 (10x15)
  • Rumah type 150/200 (10x20)
  • Kavling sudut 180 (12x15)
  • Rumah type 40/90 (6x15)
  • Rumah type 150/240 (12x20)
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